Our Company

Cold Formed Products are long established world leaders in impact extrusion technology. The extrusion process is traditionally associated with the manufacture of can-like or tube-like components. CFP have combined its core process with decades of experience in precision CNC machining to create the best of both worlds in production capability.

Cold Formed Products was incorporated in 1962 to exploit the impact extrusion process to produce high integrity engineering components using high strength alloys.

High Quality, High Precision, High Repeatability

Developing and maintaining the highest quality standards has enabled us to establish a leading edge in our field. We hold numerous customer, industry and world-recognised quality approvals and accreditations. In-house tooling design and manufacture and 5 decades of manufacturing experience enable us to consistently hold dimensions within narrow tolerance bands over large production runs.

Production Facilities

The company has a compact and efficient infrastructure making it highly flexible and responsive. At the same time we have an enormous production capability, producing tens of millions of parts per year for a diverse range of industries. Though ideally suited to high volume production our process can still be very cost effective for smaller batches.

With the exception of a very few sub-contracted processes, we control our entire production process, ensuring consistent and verifiable quality standards and fast throughput.